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Does Rebalancing Reduce Risk? by Michael Edesess

In a previous article I asked whether rebalancing increases return, as the term "rebalancing bonus" implies. I concluded that it does not. In this article I ask whether it is a tool for reducing risk. The answer depends on whether you believe that the standard deviation of long-term returns is the appropriate measure of risk. This article will show why it often is not.

Most Recent Commentaries

The Flaws and Potential of Asia's SOEs by Sherwood Zhang of Matthews Asia

Asian governments own a large amount of productive assets in the form of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). These firms are typically in strategic industries of national interest, but among the broader investor community they are often viewed negatively, marked by reputations for inefficiency and potential conflicts of interest. This month Asia Insight explores the challenges that face SOEs and possible models that could be positive for business.

And That's The Week That Was by Ron Brounes of Brounes & Associates

After a week of panic, investors focused on the positives and went bargain hunting throughout. Thus far, earnings are not as bad as expected; China’s woes could mean new stimulus; labor and manufacturing seem to be in full fledge thaw. Hope the holiday season brings more good news.

Apple: Can't Buy My Love by Team of GaveKal Capital

Yesterday Apple announced a whopping $90 billion stock buyback, to be completed by the end of 2015. This means they will be buying roughly $45 billion in stock this year and next. By way of comparison, this is $5-7 billion more than earnings that are expected this year or next. So, Apple will be using over 100% of its earnings to finance stock repurchases

Convincing Illusions & Invisible Realities by Gary Stroik of WBI Investments

"Past performance is not indicative of future results." Investors have seen that warning countless times, but do they believe it?

How bad is your Tax Day hangover? by Eaton Vance Municipal Insight Committee of Eaton Vance

This tax season many investors in higher tax brackets were rudely awakened to the reality of paying 50% of their income in federal and state taxes. Given the new tax landscape, income municipal bonds may look more appealing than ever.

Emerging Asia Pacific: Regional Economic Review - Q1 2014 by Team of Thomas White International

The byword for economic prospects in emerging Asia Pacific economies during the first quarter of 2014 was "optimism". The countries in the region, despite undergoing a torrent of political activity and struggle, pinned their hopes on a revival in global trade. With other avenues of growth such as investment and consumption showing little promise, the emphasis on global trade took on even greater importance.

Sell-Off in Health Care Sector Overlooks Strong Fundamentals by Andy Acker, Ethan Lovell of Janus Capital Group

After a strong run over the last two years, stocks for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and specialty pharmaceutical companies have fallen significantly in recent weeks. While a couple of near-term headwinds surfaced recently, in our opinion much of the sell-off was driven by momentum investors who had indiscriminately bid up stocks for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Resistance is Futile, for Now by Scott Minerd of Guggenheim Partners

The U.S. “risk-on” trade is still in place, even as some leveraged credit is showing signs of overheating.

Why Annuities HATE Ken Fisher. And you should too. by John H. Robinson

Before we commend Ken Fisher for his vitriolic antipathy toward variable annuities, there is one little problem we need to recognize. Fisher’s claims are at odds with a growing body of empirical research published in peer-reviewed academic and professional journals.

The Surprising Number One Driver of New Clients by Dan Richards

Among sophisticated clients, referrals aren’t the most important determinant in deciding on an advisor. Here’s what is.

What SEC Social Media Guidance Means for You by Kristen Luke

Recently, the SEC published new testimonial and social media guidelines that cleared the way for advisors to use social media review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List. Such sites were previously restricted because they provided content that was generally seen as testimonials. While the new guidance may seem like a big leap forward for financial advisors who use social media, there are still many restrictions, so it is important to understand what you can and cannot do.

The State of the CFP Board Registered Financial Planning Programs? by Caleb Brown

Each year I spend several days visiting various Certified Financial Planner Board-registered programs throughout the country to ensure that as an industry, we are continuing to source, screen and integrate the best available talent for the financial planning firms we represent. On the plus side, I found many students are ready and eager to enter the financial-planning world. But there were also ominous signs for the future of our profession.

The Power of Storytelling by Beverly Flaxington

I’ve read in the past that you encourage telling stories about clients. There are lots of compliance reasons that deter us from getting too specific when telling a client-based story. In addition, I don’t see how stories are of importance. Can you clarify?

Career Center by Various

Find career opportunities for firms that seek to add financial advisors and planners to their staff. Read more to find out how to post opportunities at your firm.

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Readers respond to three recently published articles, and the authors of those articles respond to those letters.

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